Senior UX/UI Designer

Cairo, Egypt

Job Description

● Partner with the creative team and developers to maintain a cohesive design and experience throughout our product, providing expertise and mentorship.
● Lead a small team of Designers. Coach your team through reviews and feedback. Support their UX/UI growth. Raise the capacity, skills and quality of user-centered design on your team.
● Exercise your expertise in performance, architecture, and object-oriented design to deliver compelling customer experiences.
● Critique in-progress design work, evaluating the priority and effectivity of solutions.
● Develop and lead the Design team to improve the range of research methods used.
● Employ design thinking and questioning techniques to develop strategies and execution plans where pathways are not always obvious.
● Provide and encourage feedback from your team and other designers.
● Interview target audience and record their responses to be archived and be used later in the process.
● Create an Affinity Diagram at any time during the pre-design process.
● Apply User Flow and map out pathways an individual will take in a website or platform.
● Develop personas and create a profiles particular users based on characteristics.
● Successfully perform a task analysis by studying user testing to understand how someone does a specific task.
● Effectively map Use-Case and state why a person would use the platform.
● Map Storyboards to show and display a user’s story.
● Successfully use and apply wireframes in order to interface concepts.
● Create prototypes to show and demonstrate interactions.
● Conduct Usability Testing to validate design concepts.
● Regularly participate in design reviews.
● Study analytics to understand user behavior.


● 5+ years experience in visual user interface design.
● Ability to create clean, visually consistent designs.
● In-depth knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Illustrator, and Microsoft Office; Experience with Sketch and Zeplin are a plus.
● Understanding and appreciation of standard user interface design concepts and processes.
● Excellent communication skills, including the ability to present complex concepts clearly and persuasively across diverse audiences at various levels of our organization.
● Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills.
● Proven ability to manage multiple design requests in a timely fashion, with competing priorities and deadlines.
● Experience testing websites and software on a variety of platforms including iOS and Android mobile and devices.
● Previous experience with user centered design principles and practices, web/mobile standards, typography and color, and web/mobile usability standards.
● Have contributed as a leader in design and a strong collaborator across product managers and engineers.
● Knowledgeable in creating wireframes, visual mockups graphics, user workflows, and low and high-fidelity prototypes.
● Ability to work with designers and developers to implement new ideas.